About books open a thousand doors to new worlds of imagination.
— Jinwon Jung, Editor, Urbanpoly

About Books is an exhibition that founded by KT&G since 2010. It is for independent and small publishers to create connection between publishers. It is a place to launch and share new publications with the friendly methods and to create its own culture for the general public.

KT&G is the leading tobacco company in South Korea with annual sales over $2 billion USD. KT&G was originally a government-owned monopoly, but it become a private-owned. KT&G produces popular Korean cigarette brands such as: The One, Indigo, Arirang, This, This Plus, Zest, Esse, Raison, Lo Crux, and more. It has been expanded outside of Korea through Russia and Eastern European Markets. 

Design Spectrum: Brand Identity, Exhibition Graphics, Way-finding, Print promotions